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Solar Concentrators

Offered range of Solar Parabolic Concentrators is accessible in different production capacity and design based choices. These systems are used as low cost solutions for producing solar energy. Application of these solar systems can be noticed in heat processing, solar cooling and power generation industries. Advanced design of these Solar Parabolic Concentrators allows their operator to manage their operation through remote accessing technology. These support different operating modes to suit exact application needs. Mechanical cleaning function, low operating cost, low maintenance charge and application specific design are their key features. Quick to install, these products use environment friendly technology to utilize solar power.

Parabolic Trough Concentrator

Parabolic Trough Concentrator is used for collection of solar energy. This type of solar power producing system is used for smooth running of standard components like vacuum receiver, reflector mirror, automatic sun tracking unit etc. Offered Parabolic Trough Concentrator supports different operating modes. Automatic temperature protection mode of this product prevents its overheating. This product is high temperature proof and it can endure maximum 600 degree C temperature. Ergonomic design, high output, low operating cost and environment friendly operating mode are its key features.

Compound Parabolic Concentrator

Made of polymethyl methacrylate or acrylic, Compound Parabolic Concentrator is used for collection and concentration of distant light sources. This type of solar energy collection solution has wide application in defense research, wireless communication and also in other industries. Compound Parabolic Concentrator comprises of water protected reflector, insulated heat transfer pipes and glass made concentric tubes. Standard of this product has been determined on the bass of thermal shock endurance and safety tests. Production of high solar energy is one of its key aspects.